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  1. Instructions for requesting a proclamation

    We will accept proclamation and ceremonial document requests for (1) formal recognition in support of a particular event, program or cause (2) the recognition and celebration of extraordinary achievements that directly impact the County, and (3) the honoring or recognition of important and significant occasions that enrich society and increase public awareness of issues that will help to improve the health, safety, and welfare of the residents of Montgomery County. All proclamations are issued at the discretion of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners.

  2. Proclamation Ceremonial Document Guidelines

    (1) Proclamations and ceremonial documents may represent a day, week or month. (2) Please submit these requests at least three weeks in advance of the due date to accommodate the internal review process. (3) Any language submitted may be edited or revised without notice at the discretion of the Communications Office.

  3. For example: Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October 2021
  4. You may upload any additional information or draft language you have below. Please provide as much detailed information as possible.

  5. How would you like the document delivered?
  6. Would you like the proclamation to be presented at an upcoming Commissioners' meeting?
  7. Do you have accompanying materials to be presented at the Commissioners meeting?
  8. Please check our website for upcoming meeting dates, and provide an alternate date in the event yours is not available.

  9. Please provide the name, organization/department, title and email contact for the person accepting the proclamation and making comments.
  10. Please provide the name, organization/department and title of any others who will attend the meeting and make comments. (Max: 2)
  11. If the proclamation or ceremonial document is NOT being presented at a Commissioners meeting, please indicate the event date, time, location contact person/information here, or if you wish to arrange for pickup or mailing.

  12. Please provide the name, title, organization and full address of the contact person, if the proclamation or ceremonial document is being mailed or hand delivered.

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