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Jul 28

Taking it to the Streets

Posted on July 28, 2017 at 4:49 PM by Michael Stokes

Streets are for everyone. Though they are created largely to allow cars and trucks to motor around, streets can also be designed to allow safer use by walkers and bicyclist.  These types of streets, referred to as complete streets, enable all of us regardless of our age, ability, income, race, or ethnicity, feel safe and comfortable traveling on foot, bike, bus or car to community destinations and public places.  Complete streets also support their surrounding neighborhoods by making it easy to cross the street, walk to shops, bicycle to work or just hang out at an outdoor sidewalk cafe.  When not needed for transportation, complete streets can be transformed to lively civic spaces which support activities that enable communities to flourish.   Get out and take it to the streets or do it in the road!

Eating dinner on Main Street in Trappe on Sunday evening

A bike race up High Street in Pottstown

Independence Day parade in Pottstown

Parking Day in Norristown 

Biking up High Street in Pottstown

Soap box derby on Wilson Street in Pottstown

7198506192_744cb784c4_o (1)
Dancing in the Street


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