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May 02

When the Sidewalk Ends

Posted on May 2, 2017 at 5:05 PM by Michael Stokes

Montgomery County is a suburban county with 61% of the all roadways containing no sidewalks.  Most walking trips in our county involve areas where the sidewalk ends, if even for a few hundred feet.  Closing these gaps is a difficult and thankless process that needs to be done.  Even though sidewalks are simple structures to build, the decision about where they are needed can involve many variables, primarily population density and how people need to get around.  Actually getting the sidewalk built depends upon persistence and successfully using every opportunity.  Certainly when properties are developed in areas with current or future pedestrian needs, sidewalks should be installed with the development- no debate.   In other areas, municipal leaders may need to get creative to fund the construction of sidewalks.  Creating a suburban environment where walking is safe and pleasant is not easy, and it will take time.  Let’s all work hard on this issue so that someday the sidewalk (or trail) will not end before our journey is over.  

Sometimes when the sidewalk ends we encounter a barrier

Or an annoying sign

Or we have to make our own trail

There may be a few barriers to get around

Sometimes even builders can't figure out how to
connect sidewalks

But when they get it right as they did here in Limerick
Township, a sidewalk extension can be a pretty


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