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Oct 24

Saturday Morning Bike Rides with Mike Stokes

Posted on October 24, 2013 at 1:47 PM by Marley Bice

by Mike Stokes, Assistant Director, Montgomery County Planning Commission

As the mornings grow colder, another year of Saturday bike rides draws to a close.  It has been a great year for touring the county on a bike.  With 1,500 miles and only two flat tires, each ride has been an exploration of interesting places.  For me, biking is the best way to experience Montgomery County.   When driving, one often speeds by the architectural richness and fabric of our developed areas, or never appreciates the spaciousness of our farmland and open spaces.   

Schuylkill Trail Port Indian.JPG

This year, my bike helped me explore places from East Greenville to Rockledge.  Check out some photos taken along the way on the Montgomery County Planning Commission Flickr.  In addition to taking in the scenery, the bike trips led to many interesting events including fire company chicken dinners, flea markets, municipal community days, parades, concerts, farmers markets, food festivals, and fairs.  Though hard to prove, it seems there are more community events than ever before, and more and more people are out in the sunshine enjoying life with their friends and neighbors.

The more you explore in the county, the more likely it is that you’d come to the realization that the county is a great place to live, work, and play.  Many of the things that we enjoy today came about due to planning and the dedicated efforts of government officials, citizens, and private developers working together.   If we want to preserve the great qualities of the county and make it an even better place for us and future generations, we need to plan carefully.  Have some ideas on how to help us plan for the future?  Join in the process by taking our survey and giving us your perspective on critical planning issues to be addressed in the plan.  Check out the other ways to get involved at   

PS: Don’t text while driving and keep an eye out for bikers!


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