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Nov 23

Trail Use

Posted on November 23, 2015 at 12:42 PM by Michael Stokes

Veterans _Park_Trail.JPG

Planners are odd creatures.  We spend a lot of time walking about our environment to see how people go about their daily business so that we can better design communities in the future.  Often when I am out on our trails, I stalk, camera in hand, the walkers, runners and bikers who are enjoying themselves in the fresh air.    If possible, I discuss with them their impressions of our trails.  During a recent Sunday morning, I had the chance to talk with a woman who was walking along a trail in Willow Grove that had been funded by the county several years ago.  She told me that she enjoyed the trail very much for walking her dog and getting exercise.  But her favorite use of the trail was walking from her house to the Willow Grove Train station.  From Willow Grove she often takes the train to the Philadelphia International Airport to catch a flight to various places around the globe.  Image taking a trip from your house to an exotic location without needing a car!  Best part is that the journey begi
ns along a quiet scenic trail.   


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