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May 27

Visit a Farmers' Market in Montco for Delicious Fresh Produce and Local Goods!

Posted on May 27, 2015 at 3:37 PM by Rita McKelvey

Indian Valley Farmers' Market Lansdale Farmers' Market
Indian Valley Farmers' Market (Telford)             Lansdale Farmers' Market

Farmers’ markets continue to be popular in Montgomery County—for all the right reasons. They give farmers and local food producers an outlet for their goods while giving local residents a place to conveniently shop for locally grown and locally made products. The county is home to more than 500 farms—many of which have been permanently preserved by the county, land trusts, and local municipalities. Farms in Montgomery County grow a huge range of produce, raise chickens and sell eggs, produce honey, raise cattle and pigs, make wine, and produce a full range of dairy products from milk to ice cream.

In addition to providing some of the freshest produce available and a variety of quality goods, farmers’ markets can be good for local neighborhoods and the economy. In a survey done by the Project for Public Spaces, it was found that 60 percent of farmer’s market shoppers visited additional nearby stores on the same day, and 60 percent of these respondents said they only visited those additional stores on the day they went to the market. Giving people the opportunity to patronize local stores is always a positive! 

Check out the list of farmers’ markets in Montgomery County and also learn about the county’s farmland preservation program

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