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May 22

Get Out and Go Montco

Posted on May 22, 2015 at 3:42 PM by Michael Stokes



Finally winter has left us not to return for at least 6 months.  Now we have our best chance to get outside and enjoy the health benefits of fresh air.  Not only can being outside be an enjoyable experience, perhaps even heavenly, but our trips into the great outdoors can provide us both physical health and mental well-being benefits.

You’ll be happier spending time outside.  Real “in the moment happiness” is often waiting for you down the trail or on a green meadow or perhaps under the shade of a beautiful oak tree.   Studies have proven the fastest way to elevate your happiness is by being outside, particularly in natural settings.  This is due to natural light and fresh air.

Your concentration improves in the great outdoors.  If you find yourself in a mental slump, get outside for a mental reset.  Studies have shown that brain activity spikes after spending time outdoors with nature.    A post lunch walk can be a real productivity enhancer.

In the sunlight you are getting free vitamin D without taking a pill.  Many Americans are deficient in vitamin D, an essential vitamin that can help fight off osteoporosis, cancer, depression, and heart attack.   The easiest way to get vitamin D is through sunlight absorbed through the skin.  You can get your daily dose of vitamin D by simply spending 15 minutes outdoors in the sun.  Yet, don’t forget your sunscreen  and hat when you are planning to be out for extended periods.

You could get more exercise outside.  Being outside doesn’t necessarily mean exercising, but that is always a healthy option.  Instead of sitting on your couch doing nothing, get outdoors and put yourself in motion.  Any motion, whether walking, biking, running or playing a sport can be healthy.

Outside, you have the ability to disconnect and get it all figured out without an electronic device.  Most people are well aware of the fact that they spend too much time connected to their phone, computer or other electronic devices, but those convenient devices are so much a part of who we now are.  By unplugging for a walk outdoors , if even only for a few minutes, you can reconnect with the natural world and enjoy the nurturing simplicity of nature.

Bottom line… Get Out and Go Montco.  Just get yourself to one of the many great county trails or great parks and let nature take you to a special place.  This holiday weekend is a great time to start!



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