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Mar 29

Montgomery County New Apartment Boom

Posted on March 29, 2015 at 2:58 PM by Michael Stokes

As I discovered this morning, there is a huge apartment boom going on in Montgomery County- with much more yet to come.  Below are some photos from my early morning visit of six apartment construction sites that will yield around 2,000 new apartments.  Interestingly, construction workers were present at several sites in the cold dawn hours. These apartment developments are not like to old high-rise apartments that your grandmother lived in with the hallways that always smelled weird or those garden apartments built to be occupied by groovy young people with lava lamps.  Instead these apartments are built for active adults at all points of the age spectrum who are looking for excitement and locations that offer options such as transit and walkability.  These new apartment dwellers don’t want to get tied to a housing purchase so that they have the freedom to slip their phones in their pockets and relocate.   

Copy of Longview_Ljmerick.JPG
Courts at Spring Mill Station as seen from the Schuylkill River Trail 

Copy of Longview_Ljmerick.JPG
New apartments in Limerick at the Linfield Exit of US Route 422

Copy of Madison_Providence.JPG
The Madison Providence Apartments at the Collegeville Exit of US Route 422

Copy of Parc.JPG
The Parc Apartments near the Plymouth Meeting Interchange

Copy of Righters_Ferry_Rd.JPG
Riverfront apartment construction on Righters Mill Road in Lower Merion

Copy of Rock_HIll_Rd.JPG
Apartment construction on Rock Hill Road in Lower Merion


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