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Nov 04

Getting Transportation Projects Built

Posted on November 4, 2014 at 12:33 PM by Rita McKelvey

Lafayette Street Construction
Lafayette Street Construction

Leo Bagley, MCPC Assistant Director and Chief of Transportation, teamed up with Matthew Edmond, MCPC Principal Planner, at the PA Chapter of the American Planning Association (APA) 2014 Annual Conference this month to present “Montgomery County’s Proactive Approach to Building Transportation Projects.” The presentation provided a concise summary of the major transportation projects being spearheaded by MCPC as well as discussion on the Montgomery County Transportation Authority’s (MCTA) role in implementing them.

In Pennsylvania, counties typically have weak roles in the transportation field, taking a back seat to bigger agencies with more resources such as PennDOT. But for the last decade, Montgomery County has been funding and implementing several large transportation capital projects. The presentation was intended to showcase Montgomery County’s achievements while inspiring those in the audience to consider taking the same approach to improving their transportation infrastructure.

The presentation described the Lafayette Street Extension Project, the Ridge Pike Improvement Project, the Arcola Road Bridge Replacement (which is now under construction), and the Chester Valley Trail Extension. Leo and Matt discussed how the MCTA is used to purchase right-of-way for these projects and how collaboration between the authority and MCPC staff is key to its success.

Joining Leo and Matt for the presentation was James Cowhey, AICP, executive director of the Lancaster County Planning Commission. Lancaster County also has a transportation authority, and James compared its operations to those of the MCTA.  

Blog Author:  Matthew Edmond, Principal Planner, MCPC 



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