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Aug 22

MCPC Helps Create First Complete Form-Based Zoning Code in Montgomery County!

Posted on August 22, 2014 at 4:47 PM by Rita McKelvey

SketchUp Streetscape Rendering

MCPC, in partnership with the Borough of Narberth, has created the first complete form-based zoning code in Montgomery County! The new draft code was recently released after more than two years of work with the Narberth Borough Planning Commission and the public.  

As part of this process, MCPC and the borough partnered with the Narberth Civic Association to organize a form-based code workshop. Over 90 people attended to discuss ideas. Participants, working in small groups, sketched out various “what-if” scenarios for redevelopment. The code has undergone rigorous testing with various build-out scenarios available for download. Links to these and other resources have been organized into a project page by the Narberth Civic Association at MCPC looks forward to working with the borough during the remainder of 2014 in preparation for final changes to the code and adoption. 

Form-based zoning codes have been around for about twenty years, having been invented and popularized by the founders and members of the Congress of New Urbanism ( They emphasize pedestrian-friendly design and higher-density urban neighborhoods. They’ve been adopted in large cities like Cincinnati and Miami and smaller locations like Bradenton, Florida. In Pennsylvania, several municipalities, such as Lititz, have adopted form-based districts and regulations for a portion of their jurisdictions, while others, like Lansdowne, have included form-based standards within a conventionally structured code.

Participants on Narberth Walking Tour
Narberth Walking Tour



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