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Mar 07

Thinking about spring and fitness

Posted on March 7, 2014 at 5:08 PM by Michael Stokes

Over the winter we always eat and drink too much, but what else can one do when  faced with near arctic conditions outside!  Yet with spring coming (yes it really will happen), we once again resolve to, among many other virtuous things, address our personal health and fitness.  In short, we resolve to eat healthy foods and exercise more.

Our environment will play an important role in helping us keep this resolution.   When we have access to good food and opportunities for exercise, we are more likely to walk the talk.   Over the past 20 years, changes in the food supply in Montgomery County have provided us with the chance to eat better.  Now there are over 15 farmers markets scattered throughout the county.  New restaurants offer locally grown food and healthier menu items.  There are numerous new opportunities for fitness in our communities including 12 full-service YMCA facilities and many private health clubs.   The county and local municipalities have developed new trails which provide great opportunities for walkers, bikers, and runners.  Most people in the county live within a few miles of a park offering a variety of recreation opportunities.

Even still, there is more to do in helping Montgomery County residents become healthier.  More local gardens and community supported agriculture systems could be started.  Farmers markets could grow and expand into new areas.  Local food stores could be located in underserved areas of the county where residents do not have access to good food.  More trails could be developed to make walking, biking or running convenient for everyone.  Also by making our communities more walkable and bikeable, we could promote walking and biking as part of our everyday lifestyle so that we could walk to work or to the store.   Additional park and recreation facilities could be established.  These issues will be discussed as part of the new county comprehensive plan currently being developed by the county planning commission.  Please get involved in the process and let us know your thoughts.

runners on the perkiomen trail


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