Public Safety Training Campus

Front entrance to main building
The Montgomery County Public Safety Training Campus (PSTC) provides classrooms and practical training resources for:

In addition, the PSTC houses vehicles and equipment for: 

Outside organizations may rent the facility’s classrooms, auditorium, and training grounds. Requests must be made at least four weeks prior to training or facility use. Requests can be made by clicking here: Facility Request.

Administrative Building
Classroom Building

The Administrative Building has 10 classrooms, an auditorium that seats 225, a full kitchen and cafeteria, a pump maintenance room, an immersion lab, equipment and locker room, and several apparatus bays.

It also serves as the backup for the County’s 911 Communications and Emergency Operations Centers. There are 18 workstations and one supervisor station in the backup 911 Center. It operates in tandem with the 911 Communications Center in Eagleville during large-scale events and it can be operated in place of the Eagleville facility if communications there are knocked out.

Structural Burn Building
firefighters approach blaze in training building

The 20,000 square-foot Structural Burn Building has three sections configured to simulate the types of structures firefighters are most likely to encounter in Montgomery County: a two-story residential structure, two-story commercial structure and a four-story high rise structure.

It includes simulated office cubicles, both internal and external high-rise fire escapes and rappelling anchors attached to the roof. There is also a thermal coupling system installed to monitor the temperature inside and a sprinkler system. 

The burn building typically operates from April 15th to November 15th every year. 

Drill Tower
Firefighters train with mannequn on extension latter

The Drill Tower is an open four- and five-story structure designed to support aerial apparatus and ladder training, rappelling, rope rescue training, multi-story hose advancement, and use of standpipes.

The interior is accessible by stairways and there are window openings at various levels.

Smoke House, Drafting Pit, and Flammable Gas Pad
firefighers douse blaze with extinguishers

Additional firefighter training facilities at the training campus include a Smoke House, Drafting Pit and Flammable Gas Pad.

The two-story Smoke House contains a maze to familiarize trainees with the use of breathing apparatus and to practice search and rescue skills.

The Drafting Pit is used for training in pump operations, while the Flammable Gas Pad is used for fire extinguisher training.

Tactical Response Training Center
officers train with sidearms

The Tactical Response Training Center is primarily a Firearms Training Complex and is composed of an indoor 50 yard range, an indoor 100 yard range, and a classroom equipped with a firearms simulator (FATS).

The ranges provide for training with handguns, rifles, shotguns, and light automatic weapons. Both ranges feature turning targets and each is equipped with two lateral moving targets, commonly referred to as running man targets.

Live Fire Shoot House
Overview of live fire shoot building

The Live Fire Shoot House provides training for law enforcement officers in close quarters combat and high-risk entries. It is composed of five rooms and three breaching doors.