Absentee And Mail-in Voting

In October 2019, the Pennsylvania legislature passed Act 77, which gave all registered voters the right to cast their vote using a mail-in ballot. Click here to apply to vote by mail.

The last day to request a mail-in or absentee ballot for the November 2, 2021 election is October 26, 2021.

There are two different types of Mail-In Ballots: 

Absentee Ballot: If you plan to be out of the municipality on election day or if you have a disability or illness, you can request this ballot type. This ballot requires you to list a reason for your request.  Absentee Ballots must be applied for and are not automatically issued.

Mail-in Ballot: Any qualified voter may apply for a mail-in ballot. You may simply request this ballot without a reason. Residents have the option to complete one application for a mail in ballot for the primary AND the general election OR they may apply for each election individually. Residents must apply for a ballot, they are not automatically issued to registered voters.

Residents will need to apply again in 2021, even if they voted by mail in 2020. Residents who have requested that we mail an application to them each year will receive them in the mail in February. If you aren't sure if you are on the mail in ballot application mailing list, click here to submit an inquiry. 

If you receive an application and do not want to vote by mail in 2021, simply dispose of the form. You will be able to vote in person on a standard ballot without taking any further action. Mail-In ballots will only be sent to people who apply in 2021. 

If you receive an application from us by mail and no longer want to receive them, you can either complete the section under the instructions and send it back to us, or you can complete this form

If you have applied to vote by mail in 2021 and wish to cancel, you must fill out a form to cancel your request for a mail in ballot. If your ballot has already been mailed to your or you have received it, you can bring it with you to your polling location and hand it to the staff; enabling you to vote in person. Additional details about this process can be found below. 

If you have already been approved to vote by mail in 2021, and either move or temporarily relocate to another address, you will need to complete a form to update your ballot delivery address. 

The last day to request a mail-in or absentee ballot for the November 2, 2021 election is October 26, 2021. 

Click on any button below to access additional information: 

Click here to complete an application to vote by mail.
Click here to check the status of your Mail-In Ballot
Click here to access instructions to update or change the mailing address for your ballot.
Click here to access information about replacing your ballot if you made an error.
2021 Primary Information Button
Click here to access the form needed to cancel your mail-in ballot application.
Click here to access a list of office locations &  hours for Montgomery County Voter Services.
Click here to access a list of Secure Drop Box locations and hours for Montgomery County.

If you receive a mail-in/absentee ballot but decide you would prefer to vote in person at your polling place, you can do so. You must bring your ballot in its mailing envelope with you on Election Day, inform the poll workers that you would like to spoil your ballot and vote in-person instead, and surrender it to your precinct Judge of Elections. You can then cast a regular in-person ballot.

If you do not have your mail-in/absentee ballot to surrender at your polling place, you may cast a provisional ballot. This will be counted once the Election Board verifies that you did not vote by mail. 

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