Subdivision & Land Development Reviews

Submitting Subdivision & Land Development Proposals

The Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (MPC), Act 247, requires all subdivision and land development proposals to be submitted to the county Planning Commission for review prior to municipal action. The county review is advisory only and final approval for any proposal is made by the municipality.

New Digital Process for Submitting Proposals and Fee Payment

As of May 1, 2018, MCPC requires municipalities to submit Act 247 proposals online through a 247 Submission Portal which municipal staff are registered to use. Applicants are required to submit any plans or associated documents as digital pdfs to the municipality along with an Applicant Request for County Review Form. Applicants are also no longer asked to submit county fee payments at the time of their submission. Instead, the applicant’s representative will be emailed a request for payment after a proposal is submitted and verified by MCPC. The request will include a summary of the proposal and instructions for how to pay. Applicants will be able to pay online via credit card or electronic check or offline through a physical check or money order.


These guidelines provide information regarding review time limits, procedures, and additional fees. 

Act 247 Fee Schedule

The fees listed on the Act 247 Fee Schedule will apply to each subdivision or land development submitted to MCPC for review.

Act 247 Monthly Reports and Annual Summaries

We prepare monthly reports and annual summaries that contain information on projects submitted to the Planning Commission for review as required by the MPC.

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