Public Health Reports

Public Health Reports and statistics may be available upon request from the Montgomery County Office of Public Health's (OPH) Epidemiologist. For further information, please contact the OPH at (610) 278-5117 or email.

The OPH can produce many public health data reports important to the county residents, community officials and for individuals working in the public health system. This information enables the public and health professionals to use quantified data to assess health status in order to make informed decisions affecting personal and local community health.

Data Sources include:
  • Environmental Inspection Information from the OPH.
  • Montgomery County birth and death certificate information provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Health.
  • Montgomery County Cancer Incidence Data from Pennsylvania Cancer Registry
  • Montgomery County Morbidity Data from PA-NEDSS (Pennsylvania's National Electronic Disease Surveillance System).
  • PHMC (Philadelphia Health Management Cooperation) Community Survey data.
  • US Census Bureau statistics.

Reportable Disease Information

Service Delivery Report

Each month, the OPH tracks the number of services and programs delivered to our residents. The Service Delivery Report is comprised of various data sources and made into a simple, user-friendly report.

Annual Report

The OPH evaluates health statistics to measure progress toward state and national health objectives. These numbers also provide the basis for developing and implementing public health strategies for disease prevention and health promotion. The 2014 Annual Health Statistics Report provides valuable information about the residents of Montgomery County including: population data, birth, and death data, and data on reportable diseases. This data is derived from vital event certificates from the Pennsylvania State Health Department and OPH data.

2012 Highlights

The first edition of the OPH 2012 Highlights Report is a supplement to our Annual Program Plans, which is a required document mandated by the Pennsylvania Department of Health.