Tax Claim Bureau

COVID Update

In keeping with the County’s Corona Virus Response Plan, the Montgomery County Tax Claim Bureau will continue to limit contact between our staff and the general public.  

Effective September 8, 2020 the Bureau will reopen to the public on a limited basis.

The Bureau will be open to the public for “In Person” transactions on the following days each week:

Every Tuesday 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM

Every Wednesday 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM 


All in-person tax claim transactions will be conducted on the first floor of One Montgomery Plaza.  No cash transactions will be accepted at this location.  All cash transactions should be conducted at any Bryn Mawr Trust location.

All constituents will be required to check in with building security, submit to a temperature check, wear a protective face coverings (that cover their nose and mouth) and maintain social distancing at all times.

Taxpayers are still encouraged to transact as much business as possible remotely.  The following options are available:

Payments may be made by mail, online, at any Bryn Mawr Trust Branch and now at the drop box in the lobby of One Montgomery Plaza.

Tax Certificates may be obtained via USPS, FEDEX or UPS. No walk ins. Please see Certified Tax Search on the left hand side for instructions.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and should you have any questions, please contact us by phone at 610-278-1216 or email at

Below are the updated Municipality Tax Deadlines for County/Municipal Taxes for 2020:

Municipality Tax Deadlines


The Montgomery County Tax Claim Bureau accepts real estate tax liens for delinquent county, township / borough, and school districts within the county.

Our Services

Real Estate Tax Sales

In accordance with the Tax Sale law, the Tax Claim Bureau is able to sell parcels in one of four ways.

Upset Sale

The Upset Sale is scheduled each September and includes those parcels whose taxes, from two years earlier, remain unpaid or other specified conditions exist.

Properties scheduled to be presented for Upset Sale are advertised in two newspapers and the Montgomery Bar Association journal within two months of the sale. Purchasers of property at the Upset Sale assume responsibility for all liens on the property.

Private Sale

A Private Sale can occur after a property has been exposed but not sold at an Upset Sale.

An interested buyer submits a written bid to the Tax Claim Bureau. The bureau then decides whether or not to accept the bid. If accepted, the bid is advertised in a newspaper and the Montgomery Bar Association journal. Anyone objecting to the sale must petition the court within 45 days to disapprove the sale.

As in the Upset Sale, purchasers of property via the Private Sale assume responsibility for all liens on the property.

Judicial Sale

A Judicial Sale is held at least once each year and can include only those properties that have been exposed but not sold at an Upset Sale. After advertisement, notice to owners and lienholders, etc., the parcels are presented free and clear of all liens.

Repository Sales

Properties that are exposed but not sold at a Judicial Sale are placed in a repository for unsold properties. Any bid on a repository property must be approved by all taxing districts where the property is located (i.e., township, borough, county, and school).