Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP)

What is Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP)

PHEP is a full range of prevention, mitigation, and recovery activities aimed towards preventing disease and reducing death rates in the event of an emergency or disaster. PHEP strategies expand upon day-to-day public health best practices and build upon existing systems and partnerships. Successful PHEP strategies rely heavily on local partnerships with community stakeholders and are not developed de novo.

What We Do

The Montgomery County Office of Public Health PHEP team provides liaison support and technical assistance to County and local emergency management officials, specifically focused on issues surrounding public and community health in emergencies. Additionally, the PHEP team coordinates and manages the County Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) which as an all-volunteer medical workforce, specifically trained to respond in emergencies and disasters.

How Public Health Emergencies Differ

Public health emergencies differ from conventional emergencies in terms of their onset, detection, temporality and overall effects on community social processes. Conventional emergencies are typified by their highly visible activity, damage and local effects which trigger emergency responses from local agencies. Public health emergencies such as illness outbreaks, or food/water contamination, are themselves invisible and mysterious in terms of spread and outreach. PHEP is a specialty within traditional emergency management requiring health experts to work with communities to respond to, and ultimately recover from these invisible threats.

How We Can Assist You

  • Personal and Family Readiness training
  • Organizational health preparedness (Pandemic & Bioterrorism) planning assistance
  • Local (public) or organizational (private) Point of Dispensing (POD) planning assistance
  • Inclusion in local and regional training and exercises
  • Business Pandemic and Bioterrorism Continuity Of Operations Plan (COOP) development assistance
  • Set up an organizational Chapter of the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)

Contact Us

Montgomery County Office of Public Health
Phone: (610) 278-5117

Programs and Assistance

I want to become a disaster volunteer (MRC).
I am a resident / family.
We are a community organization, business or school.