Medical Services

Correctional Facility Medical Department
The Correctional Facility operates a Medical Department on site 24/7. The Medical Department is accredited by the National Commission of Correctional Healthcare for the delivery of professional medical and mental health services.

Preliminary Health Assessment
Immediately upon the arrival of each inmate at the facility, correctional personnel perform a preliminary health assessment. If, as a result of the receiving screening, it is apparent that an inmate requires medical attention, then the inmate will be immediately referred for treatment.

Inmate health complaints (written and oral) are received daily by the nursing staff. As the first step in the triage system, the inmate is seen by a nurse and receives appropriate treatment within the scope of the Nurse Practice Act. Those inmates requiring a higher level of services are  referred to the physician or dentist or to the appropriate mental health professional.

Specialized Treatment
If the physician, dentist, or mental health professional determines that the inmate's condition requires specialized treatment or medical resources beyond those available within the facility's health care system, then an appropriate referral to outside medical services is made.

24-Hour Staff
Certain members of the professional health care staff, including the health services administrator, the physician, and psychiatrist, all have 24-hour on-call responsibility for any emergency that may arise. Also, 24-hour staff nursing coverage is provided.

Alexis Koenig, RN Program Administrator ext. 7150

Dr. Margaret Carrillo, MD ext. 7153 

Kristen Sofilka, Ph.D, ext. 7152 

Dr. Linh Nguyen, Dentist ext. 7151