Warrants Unit
Warrants are issued by the Court of Common Pleas to the Montgomery County Sheriff for those individuals that fail to appear at hearings and fail to follow the order of the court pertaining to their cases. The Sheriff has direct power of arrest of these individuals which results in their INCARCERATION until the court schedules a hearing. Sheriff Deputies are called upon to serve both criminal and civil warrants. For high profile warrants under the extradition law, deputies may travel to any of the fifty states to bring the subject before the courts. The Sheriff's Office uses a vast array of technology to research, track and apprehend those with warrants. It is important to know that most warrants can be settled without incarceration by reporting to the Sheriff's Office Warrants Section to settle those matters. This method saves, time, cost, loss of job and the embarrassment of confinement.

For those individuals who continue to hide from the law, we need your help!! Click below to submit a tip or call the Warrant Hot Line today and do your part.

Wanted Persons
Click here to find more information on persons who are wanted by the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, including our top Criminal and Domestic Relations Warrants as well as lists of all active Criminal and Domestic Relations Warrants.

Submit a Tip on Wanted Persons
Do you know of someone that's a wanted person in Montgomery County? Report it to the Sheriff's Office. All tips are kept confidential and you are not required to give your name.

Warrants Hotline - 610-278-3340

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