TRIAD Program Details
The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office has formed a TRIAD program. A Triad cooperative agreement was initiated between Montgomery County Sheriff John P. Durante and representatives from police and senior citizens organizations. This program is used to mobilize community resources to enhance the quality of life for our seniors, allowing them to enjoy dignity and security and avoid criminal victimization. The refrigerator card, distributed by TRIAD to our seniors, provides emergency identification. This card can be a lifesaver in the home when displayed on the refrigerator for first responders.

The TRIAD program also offers a variety of crime awareness presentations topics, including unscrupulous telemarketers, credit card scams, mail fraud, home safety,  911 protocols, strangers at the door, auto theft, parking lot savvy, muggings, purse snatching, and random violence to name a few.

Programs are presented by Deputy David Cavaliere, the Sheriff's TRIAD Coordinator. To schedule a crime awareness presentation call 610-278-3335 or email.

9-1-1 Cell Phone Donation Program

The Sheriff’s Office has implemented a cell phone donation program to benefit seniors who are unable to call 9-1-1 for emergency assistance because they do not have access to a phone.

Cell phones and chargers are collected at several county locations in clearly marked drop-off containers and then distributed to seniors on the department’s waiting list.

Anyone who is interested in donating a phone may drop it off in one of the following locations:
  • Montgomery County Courthouse, Main St. and Swede St. entrances, Norristown, Pa.   19401
  • One Montgomery Plaza security post, 425 Swede St., Norristown, Pa.   19401
  • Human Services Center security post, 1430 DeKalb Pike, Norristown, Pa.   19404
  • Youth Center security post, 54-550 Port Indian Road, Norristown, Pa.   19403
  • Willow Grove Annex security post, 102 Old York Road, Willow Grove, Pa.  19090

If you know of a senior who is in need of a phone to make emergency calls, please contact Deputy David Cavaliere by email at or by phone at 610-278-3335.  Read more about the 9-1-1 Cell Phone Donation Program by following this link