Criminal Court
It is the responsibility of the criminal courts to adjudicate all criminal charges brought in Montgomery County. The role of a sheriff in the criminal court system is an important one. Deputy sheriffs are assigned to each courtroom and have the responsibility of maintaining custody of incarcerated defendants who are required to appear before the court.

In most cases, more than one deputy is required to maintain security, depending on the particular circumstances of individual trials. At times, as many as a dozen deputies have been assigned to a high-risk trial.

Family Court / Adult Section
The adult section of family court has jurisdiction in family matters which involve such types of cases as nonsupport of spouses, indigent parents and children, complaints of custody or visitation rights, divorces and annulments, and protection from abuse.

This area of the court is a very sensitive one due to the nature of the circumstances which bring individuals to the court. Emotions usually run high, and tempers are easily ignited in such an atmosphere. For this reason, deputies assigned to this section are selected for their abilities to exercise tact and understanding in the performance of their duties.

Juvenile Court
This branch of the court handles cases involving individuals under the age of 18. All deputies assigned to juvenile court are selected for their abilities in handling juveniles and they also receive specialized training in this area. The deputies are responsible for the transportation of in-custody juveniles to court.

Along with maintaining the safety and security of all court participants, deputy sheriffs also transport juveniles to and from various detention facilities throughout Pennsylvania.