Civil Section

Lieutenant Thompson: Commander 

This section is staffed by 12 full time deputies who serve an average of 30,000 legal documents per year, generating approximately 2 million dollars annually for the county.  These deputies serve papers to any individual, corporation or entity in the county in accordance with the Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure.  Only the Sheriff may make service of original process in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in accordance with Rule 400(a).

Montgomery County is divided into 7 areas, each of which is assigned to 1 deputy who is responsible for serving all civil actions for that particular area.  The civil actions that these 7 deputies serve range from complaints in mortgage foreclosure to actions in divorce.  In addition, this section utilizes a pair of two-man teams.  One team serves all Protection from Abuse orders (PFAs) and the other serves all writs of execution on personal property.  This section is also responsible for serving injunctions and, if necessary, taking action to enforce those injunctions up to and including making arrests.

The deputies assigned to this section must also serve and post notices of Sheriff Sale once a month in accordance with the Rules of Civil Procedure.  No property may go to sale until these notices have been served and posted properly.  Sheriff Sales for Real Property are conducted the last Wednesday of every month in Court room "A" in accordance with a calendar prepared by the Sheriff's Office.  For further information regarding Sheriff Sales, please refer to the Real Estate section of this website.  Sheriff Sales for personal property are scheduled and conducted on a case-by-case basis.