Climate Change & Sustainability Planning

The Montgomery County Planning Commission aims to share resources and inspire communities to be resilient and adaptive to climate change in order to ensure a thriving County which operate within its environmental limits.  These goals are addressed in the County Comprehensive Plan, MontCo 2040: A Shared Vision adopted on January 15, 2015.  This application will provide resources and tools to encourage municipalities to face the challenge of climate change. 

A Brief County History: Climate Change & Sustainability Action  

 In 2007, Montgomery County completed Greenprint, a comprehensive greenhouse gas inventory along with a set of broad recommendations for action. The County Commissioners formed the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Task Force and embraced a range of short and mid-term greenhouse gas reduction targets. In 2019, the County Commissioners passed a resolution setting revised climate action goals.

Exciting New Initiatives  

 Tackling climate requires all sectors of the community to do their part. In 2019, the Planning Commission organized the Energy, Resiliency and Sustainability Program to connect dispersed County operations and promote shared problem solving. Externally, the Planning Commission and numerous municipalities have joined together to create the Montgomery County Resiliency Partnership. The Partnership is a collaborative effort to make communities throughout the region more adaptive and resilient to climate change and take mitigation measures to prevent further impacts.