Director's Message

We are proud and excited to present to you an overview of thtarae very first strategic plan for Montgomery County’s Department of Health and Human Services!

We are proud because to create this plan we engaged in an inclusive, thoughtful, and deliberate process. We are excited because this inclusive, thoughtful and deliberate process resulted in a plan that is a visionary way forward, responsive to the communities in our County; and -- very importantly -- doable.

With this strategic plan, we are seeking to make a big push - a major effort to expand our reach and expand our impact, together with our community partners. Our big push is toward a vision of a flourishing Montgomery County in which residents live healthy, safe and connected lives, assisted by Health and Human Services staff who are engaged and supported and who work together with people and organizations across our County to make a positive difference in the lives of all those we serve.

There is an old, wise saying that states: “Without a vision, people perish.”  Our strategic plan is not only creating a vision, but bringing that vision to life – making the vision a living, breathing guidepost and transformational map. It guides all that we will do as Montgomery County’s Department of Health and Human Services.

Without a doubt, these five years contain a multitude of opportunities to serve our residents. Our strategic plan helps us determine where and how to find these opportunities, what to do with these opportunities, and how to turn these opportunities into reality, all to the pursuit of our vision that all Montgomery County residents live healthy, safe, and connected lives!