Office Structure

The District Attorney’s Office is responsible for prosecuting criminal offenses that occur in Montgomery County, and represents the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in all related criminal matters. The office is staffed by attorneys, Detectives, investigators, analysts and related support personnel.

Pre-Trials & Diversion 

The Pre-Trials Division generally handles a wide variety of criminal matters, including probation violation, summary appeal, habeas corpus and preliminary hearings.

Juvenile Division

The Juvenile Unit prosecutes all crimes in Montgomery County that are committed by young offenders. Assistant District Attorneys work closely with local law enforcement agencies in an effort to combat juvenile crime, facilitate the rehabilitation of youthful offenders and promote restorative justice for victims. In furtherance of these goals, the District Attorney’s Office also maintains Youth Aid Panels throughout the county, which provide unique rehabilitation opportunities for juvenile offenders.

Trials Division

The Trials Division handles all adult criminal cases, more than 8,000 per year. Assistant District Attorney are some of those experienced prosecutors in the office. They handle their assigned cases from preliminary hearing to resolution through pleas, bench trials or jury trials. The division is organized into units:   

Economic Crimes

The Economic Crimes Unit investigates and prosecutes significant and sophisticated financial crimes committed within Montgomery County, including identity theft, embezzlement, counterfeit check schemes, deceptive business practices, forgery, bank fraud, and related theft offenses. Assistant District Attorneys participate in regional efforts to combat white-collar crime through information sharing and collaborative investigations, including task force participation. 

Family Protection Unit

The Family Protection Unit prosecutes domestic violence committed by family members and domestic partners, sexual assault case, elder abuse (both physical and economic) and animal abuse cases. Assistant District Attorneys work closely with numerous agencies to make sure that victims of sexual assault and domestic violence get the help they need and the support they need, as well as work closely with Mission Kids Child Advocacy Center.  

Norristown Community Justice Unit

The Norristown Unit was founded in 2018 and follows the guiding principle that a District Attorney’s Office can and should do more than just prosecute crimes. Assistant District Attorneys work proactively in the community and hand-in-hand with the police department to prevent crime in a systematic way and improve the overall quality of life. 

Pottstown Community Justice Unit

The first Community Justice Unit, the Pottstown Unit was founded in 2016. These units are founded on the principle that a District Attorney’s Office can and should do more than just prosecute crimes. Assistant District Attorneys work proactively in the community and hand-in-hand with the police department to prevent crime in a systematic way and improve the overall quality of life.

Firearms Unit

The Firearms Unit investigates and prosecutes cases involving the illegal transfer, possession and use of firearms in Montgomery County. These cases often involve narcotics trafficking and violent crimes including homicide, robbery and assault. Assistant District Attorneys assigned to this unit are specially trained to prosecute firearms cases. The Unit actively with state and other law enforcement agencies that address illegal firearms such as the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the FBI.

Major Crimes Unit

The Major Crimes Unit manages the investigation and prosecution of serious crimes, including homicide, aggravated assault, robbery, and burglary. Assistant District Attorneys are expected to handle a large number and wide variety of cases. They are responsible for case review, pre-trial evidentiary hearings, witness preparation, and obtaining convictions, whether by plea or trial before a judge or jury.

Narcotics Unit 

The Narcotics Unit investigates and prosecutes all types of criminal offenses regarding controlled substance, including trafficking, delivery and possession-related offenses. Assistant District Attorneys manage cases resulting from traditional investigative techniques, as well as complex wiretap investigations that target the sophisticated distribution of illegal drugs within Montgomery County by corrupt organizations located elsewhere. Unit personnel work alongside officers from the District Attorney's Municipal Drug Task Force.

Grand Jury

Pursuant to Pennsylvania law, the Investigating Grand Jury is overseen by an Assistant District Attorney and the Court of Common Pleas. The Grand Jury is exclusively comprised of Montgomery County citizens, each of whom serves for a term of 18 to 24 months.
The Grand Jury uses unique investigative powers to compel the testimony of uncooperative witnesses, as well as the production of documents and other evidence.

Appellate Division

The Appellate Division handles all appeals filed in criminal cases, including pre-trial appeals, post-sentence appeals and challenges to the constitutionality of statutes. In addition, the Division handles all Post-Conviction Relief Act and Federal Habeas Corpus petitions. Attorneys compile and file briefs in support of the Commonwealth and present oral arguments before the appellate state Courts.