Public Access System


Certified copies of recorded documents, deeds, mortgages, and satisfactions are available from our “Public Access System.” You can access this system from your home or office computer. While our Public Access System works on a tablet or mobile phone, it is most functional on a computer.  

Account information

You will need to create an account to use the Public Access System. If you already have an account, you can login, on the righthand side of the page, or, click the “Create New User Account” button at the bottom of the page. New users must complete the personal identification fields that are highlighted in red to create your account.

Once you have logged in to the system, click “Search Public Records” to begin your search. You will be able to search by various criteria, including name, address, parcel id number, etc.


Once you locate a document you would like to purchase, click “Certified Copy” at the top right and the system will prompt you to enter your credit card information. Certified copies of documents can be printed from the Public Access System for $10.50 for each copy.

Your document is available after purchase. It is not mailed to you, nor is it emailed to you. Many times after you purchase the document it pops-up immediately.  If the document does not pop-up, it should be in your recently e-Certified queue. From your account click the “Home” page and then click “eCertified Documents.” In the drop down that opens, click “Recently eCertified Documents” and you should see your document.

How do I view documents 

Documents are not able to viewed remotely without a subscription.

To view documents remotely on our Public Access System you need to purchase a subscription. Subscription options are either a calendar day for $25 (expires at midnight) or a monthly subscription for $300.

With a subscription you may purchase and print plain copies at $.50 cents a page.

A subscription may be purchased under the “Preferences” tab. Once you purchase a subscription, you must log out of the system and log back in to reset the system; after locating the document you would like to purchase pages from, look for the “Save Image” button and you will be prompted to pay $ .50 cents per page.

Search Tips

If you have a plan book and page with a letter in it, ie. Book A-16, Page 250, replace the “-“ with a “0.”  The Book for these plans must be three digits.
Example: Book is A-4, Page 25 is searched as Book A004, Page 25.

Landsite Development Plan Books begin with the letter "L."  Choose volume PLN and look up as above replacing the "-" with a "0."

Condominium Plan Books begin with the letter "T." Choose volume PLN and look up as above replacing the "-" with a "0." 

Charter Books are Book 1 to Book 19.  See Charter Index.

MISC Books are post-2000 and begin at Book 20. Electronically indexed.

MISC Backfile Books are Book 1 to Book 131.  See Charter Index.

If you have questions about searching our Public Access System, you can reach us by phone at 610-278-3289.