Special Operations

Montgomery County Special Operations is composed of two teams, overseen by the Division of Emergency Management and staffed by part-time paid responders. Each team supports and supplements the operations of municipal police, fire, and EMS agencies throughout Montgomery County.

Interested in learning more about a team or becoming a member? Contact Assistant Director for Emergency Management Operations Bill Messerschmidt at wmessers@montcopa.org for additional information.

  • The Montgomery County Hazardous Materials Response Team is capable of detecting and identifying chemical, biological, and radiological materials. In addition, the team is equipped to perform Level B and A entries and technical decontamination, mitigate large spills, and conduct atmospheric monitoring, plume modeling, and facility planning.
  • The Montgomery County Urban Search and Rescue Team provides specialized assistance with structural collapse (breaching/breaking, shoring), technical search (visual, acoustic, & wide area), heavy lifting, trench rescue, confined space rescue, specialized rope rescue, and flood/swift water incidents.
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