Local Leadership Council

Local Leadership Council participants,

Early Learning Resource Center (ELRC) Region 17 wants to thank you for attending our first meeting of the Local Leadership Council (LLC) that was held on March 20, 2019. Below is the PowerPoint presentation from the March meeting for your reference.

During our first meeting, we collectively identified many areas of interest and concern. The LLC hopes to identify new funding sources. Many local leaders expressed concern for families who exceed the income guidelines established to qualify for many social services but suffer from the financial burden of paying for services privately. The LLC hopes to build open communication between stakeholders who are involved in Early Head Start, Head Start and PreK Counts to provide better outcomes for families. Attendees at the March 20th meeting also expressed their concern regarding the limited availability of services for children with special needs. Leaders from local early learning programs voiced their concern about their difficulties in maintaining a workforce of qualified staff. LLC participants agreed that there needs to be more advocacy to help meet the needs of our local families. As a community, there is also a great need to provide services to children during nontraditional hours (evenings, overnight, weekends). We discussed the impact of the opioid epidemic on our local community. Many discussed the need for resources being more readily available to grandparents in our region who are raising their grandchildren.

To begin the process of making impactful changes, ELRC Region 17 began to create a contact directory of LLC members. We are hoping that what might have started as a friendly smile between professionals at the LLC meetings will grow into a network of engaged professionals excited to bridge gaps and better serve families. At the initial LLC meeting, we also began to develop subcommittees of professionals who are passionate about specific topic areas. Moving forward, we will continue to develop these subcommittee groups. ELRC Region 17 is hopeful that as we work together, the LLC will develop successful collaborations and share a wealth of valuable resources within the group. Below you will find contact information for the LLC participants as well as an initial listing of subcommittee members by topic.

ELRC Region 17 was very grateful that you were able to share your time and your voice with us on March 20th. We are optimistic that the LLCl will provide an avenue to improve communication among local leaders, promote shared resources, and lead to new and exciting collaborations. We hope to improve the lives of children and families residing in Montgomery County - but we can’t do it alone. We value your input and hope to see you at our next meeting on May 22, 2019 at 1:00 pm.


Presentation 3-20-2019
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Meeting Agenda 3-20-2019