Success Stories

Addressing needs in a Holistic Manner: Navicate helps secure Housing, transportation for healthcare, and Financial Supports 

Issue: In February 2018, a male consumer, walked into the Pottstown office to speak with Community Connections Pottstown Navicate, Tori Hawkins. His initial problem was homelessness and the need to find housing. Through conversation, Navicate learned that he was in need transportation to his dialysis appointments three days a week, assistance with applying for social security disability, SNAP benefits, as well as a new working cell phone.

Intervention: Navicate was able to provide a direct referral to the Your Way Home system to begin the process of rapid rehousing. Navicate was also able to place a direct referral to the Personal Navigator who was able to assist with both SNAP benefits as well as obtaining a new Q-Link Wireless phone. The SOAR program was able to apply for Social Security Disability for him, while Transnet was able to provide transportation to and from his dialysis appointments.

Impact: The consumer checked back with Navicate through walk-in appointments from February until the end of August, sometimes multiple times a week to follow-up on the resources and their status. Through the numerous months working together, Tori was able to watch and assist as he went from being homeless to securing a lease for an apartment with the financial means to provide for himself. Navicate was a valuable resource of information and support during his most vulnerable time. He continues to stop in to the Pottstown office to update Tori on his life and his successes with the resources given to him.

Contact: Tori Hawkins, Pottstown Navicate, 610-278-3593


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