Montco Trail Challenge

MONTCO Trail Challenge

The 2022 Montco Trail Challenge has ended.

Thank you to all who supported and participated in the 2022 Montco Trail Challenge.  Be sure to check back in the spring of 2023 to learn more about the next Montco Trail Challenge!

Benefits of the Montco Trail Challenge 

Montgomery County boasts over 92 miles of trails that connect greenways, waterways, and heritage. Most Montgomery County residents are located within a few miles of a wonderful trail experience!

A survey of 2022 Trail Challenge participants found:

  • 87.88% visited a new park or trail
  • 90.10% learned something new about their community
  • 84.00% walked more 
  • 30.00% biked more 
  • 13.79% ran more 
  • 84.16% improved their physical health 
  • 96.00% improved their mental health 

Participant Testimonials

"Thank you for opening up my horizons and making my spring, summer, and fall so much more exciting and invigorating. I walked some of the trails many times, an tried to get to all of the trails at least once. I’m very disappointed that I didn’t quite make that goal. But I am looking forward to trying again next year! (I am 87 years old, and increased the amount of time that I could walk from 30 minutes when I started to an hour by the end of the challenge.)"

"LOVE this! This is the first year we did it - kids are 8, 5, and 3 and they all loved it. Will definitely participate again in the spring!"

"Thank you for doing this! I commuted across Montgomery County to Philly for a clinical rotation all summer and stopping at new trails on my way home made the drive so much more enjoyable and supported my physical and mental health."

"Hello!  I have to share something kind of cool - my husband and I started doing the challenge a few years ago and this year, with the help of experienced family members, we hiked the NJ part of the Appalachian Trail!  It was a cool accomplishment that took 6 days (over 75 miles) and we wouldn't have done it without our interest in trails growing through this program.  :-)"


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Our trail systems and connections have been noted as some of the finest trails in the country and most Montgomery County residents are no further than a few miles from a wonderful trail experience.
The Montco Trail Challenge is a collaborative effort of the Montgomery County Office of Public Health, Planning Commission, Parks, Trails, and Historic Sites, and Commissioners.