Internships Opportunities

Partnerships with Local High Schools, Universities, and Law Schools

Our college and law school internship programs provide selected candidates with a rigorous training program and a broad range of experiences in the policy, social work, investigation, juvenile justice, adult criminal and administrative support units.  Law students handle research projects and, if certified to practice, handle court appearances and trials under close attorney supervision. College students rotate through units, assisting attorneys, investigators, social workers, and support staff with critical projects ranging from archive organization, data collection, policy analysis, legal research, trial investigation to sentencing alternatives and treatment programs.  These internship programs are maintained under close supervision within our office and partnerships with local schools.

We also offer an internship program for local at-risk youth, targeting students placed in alternative high schools for behavior issues.  Interested students are required to submit a letter to the Chief Public Defender, demonstrating their ability and desire to achieve success.  Selected students are given an internship in our office that provides true work experience and a reference for future job opportunities.