Criminal Record Expungement Clinic

Partnership with Villanova Law School

As part of our mission, the Public Defender assists our current and former clients who qualify for expungement and/or sealing to clear their criminal records.  Since 2013, the Public Defender has partnered with Villanova Law School to provide a weekly Expungement Clinic for intake and assessment.  We train law students each semester on interviewing techniques, eligibility criteria, and forms and filing procedures with close supervision and oversight within the Public Defender Office.

In exchange, the students provide an invaluable service to our clients and citizens of Montgomery County. We serve over 100 clients each year, thus removing barriers to employment, housing, licensing and other critical needs that will lead to productive citizenship and reduced recidivism.

If you or someone you know had a juvenile delinquency or adult criminal case that is now closed (fine and fees, if assessed, have been paid), we may be able to help. 

The Clinic is only available to clients who were represented by the Montgomery County Public Defender Office on the case(s) they wish to have expunged or sealed. 

The Clinic is open every TUESDAY from 3 PM – 5 PM, in the Public Defender Office on the second floor of the Montgomery County Courthouse. No appointment is necessary.

In the Clinic, clients meet one-on-one with trained volunteers who are supervised by staff and attorneys in the Public Defender Office. In the meeting, we provide a summary of each client’s Pennsylvania criminal case history and discuss options for clearing the record. In many cases, we can file and submit all necessary paperwork for expungement or sealing of a record. In cases where criminal record expungement and/or sealing is not allowed by law, we discuss options and provide resources for additional assistance. 

For more information about the Criminal Record Expungement Clinic, please call 610-278-3478.