Fire Academy

Firefighters in trainingMission
Our mission is to provide high quality, coordinated, innovative public safety training through realistic, progressive, and standardized training programs for the fire, rescue, and emergency medical services in Montgomery County.

We also conduct hazardous materials training and provide fire safety programs for municipal officials and industries. In addition, the Fire Academy serves as an ongoing educational resource for all of the fire, rescue, and emergency medical service provider agencies throughout Montgomery County.

From January 1 to March 31, 2012, 3,216 students have been trained, 111 training classes have been offered, and a total of 26,896 hours of training have taken place.

The Montgomery County Fire Academy is proud to include state-of-the-art training facilities.

Administration Building / Classroom
There are 10 classrooms, an auditorium that seats 250, a full kitchen and cafeteria, a pump maintenance room, an immersion lab, equipment and locker rooms, and apparatus bays that house two engines.

Smoke House
The Smoke House is a two-story structure containing a maze for practicing search and rescue skills and SCBA familiarization and practice.

Drill Tower
A five- and four-story building, the Drill Tower is used for aerial apparatus and ladder work, simulated high-rise training with a standpipe, and rope rescue training.

Structural Burn Building
This complex includes a two-story residential burn building, a two-story commercial burn building, and a four-story high-rise burn building for interior firefighting practice.

Drafting Pit
This area is used for pump training.

Flammable Gas Pad
This is used for flammable gas and fire extinguisher training. Several mock-ups are used for fire extinguishment and flow control.