On-The-Job Training

On-the-Job Training

The Commerce Department provides an On-the-Job Training (OJT) Program that offers area employers a unique opportunity to hire pre-screened applicants, while saving a substantial amount of money on training costs.
  • Training costs are reimbursed for an amount equivalent to 50- 90% of the wage of the new hire depending on company size
  • Maximum training period per new hire is 6 months (the aver-age is 3 to 4 months)

OJT Frequently Asked Questions

Which applicants are eligible for OJT?
  • Preferred applicants are residents of Montgomery County and meet certain eligibility requirements. Applicants referred by PA CareerLink® Montgomery County will have already completed the OJT eligibility process prior to consideration.
Who selects my new OJT employee?
  • You do! The employer receives a pool of pre-screened applicants for consideration.
  • OJT employees are the same as all other new hires, with one exception: they come to you with a cost-reimbursement benefit.
  • On-the-Job Training cannot be funded after hiring takes place.
What are the steps?
  • You provide us with a job description and we assist in the development of a customized OJT plan.
  • There is a simple one-page application with quick approval time.
  • OJT gives the new employee an opportunity to earn while they learn and it gives you a chance to recover some of the costs associated with training new employees.
What if the new hire doesn’t work out for my company?
  • Ultimately, you determine whether the new hire is successful and is retained on the job.
  • Our goal is for you to retain the new hires. We provide customized monthly trainee evaluations to ensure that everyone is informed of the new employee’s progress.

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