Montco Opportunity Loan

The Montco Opportunity loan program is designed as a “one stop shopping” tool for businesses seeking capital and labor in Montgomery County. Through this new financing program, sponsored by the County and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, we are able to offer opportunities to help small and medium sized business grow their employee base and maximize their real estate and capital investments.

How Can we Help?

The new Montco Opportunity loan program is designed to serve as a valuable resource for any business interested in seeking financing from the County, or through other loan programs that the County manages on behalf of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
  • By linking the interest rate of the loan to the company’s participation in other county economic development efforts, such as skills training and our PA CareerLink® employment services, the program allows us to offer unique incentives and cost-saving benefits to businesses.
  • The program can provide up to $250,000 to each qualified applicant.
  • Successful applicants will receive incentives, in the form of interest rate reductions, for active participation in County initiatives, such as the County’s Workforce Investment Program, blight abatement programs, receipt additional financing, and its ongoing investment in roads, streets and public infrastructure.
How Does it Work?

To apply, first, register for free at:

Once you have received your activation email from Public Purchase, log into and accept the terms and conditions of use. Then visit the link below to start your registration process with the County.

Click here to tell us about your business and our staff will contact you with which of our programs may be able to assist your business.