Renewable Energy Ordinance Frameworks

MCPC helped create the Renewable Energy Ordinance Frameworks, launched by DVRPC in January 2013. The frameworks were produced to aid municipal governments in the development of renewable energy ordinances for solar, small-wind, and geothermal energy systems. 

The frameworks are considered evolving documents, and DVRPC welcomes feedback from regional partners.  Please direct all comments to Liz Compitello.  Some examples of the type of feedback DVRPC is looking for are provided below:
  • A local issue not addressed in the frameworks that emerged (or is anticipated) in your community when regulating solar, small-wind, or geothermal.
  • A municipality passes a renewable energy ordinance that you think may be a useful resource for municipalities in the Delaware Valley.
  • You are aware of another resource for municipalities on solar, small-wind, or geothermal that we have not included in the frameworks.