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Community Connections
Are you struggling with a need – but don’t know where to turn? Call Community Connections at 610-278-3522 to speak to a trained, courteous, and experienced professional who can connect you to resources and services in Montgomery County.

Are you or a loved one looking for…

  • Help in finding affordable housing or maintaining housing?
  • Assistance in locating mental health or addiction services such as in-patient or out-patient rehab?
  • Help in searching for affordable legal services?
  • Food pantries and soup kitchens in your area and other ways to supplement your family’s food/dietary needs?
  • Supportive services for educational needs like in-school supports, adult literacy, or career development?

Navicates can assist with these needs and many more! See our impact for examples of our work.


Elizabeth DiArcangelo


Phone: 610-278-3522
Fax: 610-994-2829

Hours: 8:00am - 4:30 pm

TeleNavicate Services

TeleNavicate Services Now Available