Victor Vaccine

Victor VaccineAre Your Kids Afraid to Get Vaccines?
Now there’s a new ally in the fight against illness who can help ease your child’s fears.

Victor Vaccine is the newest disease fighter and was recently introduced to county residents by Dr. DiMino and the Montgomery County Immunization Coalition (MCIC). Dr. DiMino urges all residents to get their vaccines to ensure good health.

Victor wants you to help him vaporize diseases. Diseases are bullies against your body. They attack your immune system to make you sick. Victor is here to show how vaccines make you stronger and protect you from certain diseases.He has a shield to demonstrate how diseases will bounce off of him, thanks to being vaccinated. Vaccines help your immune system fight off the bullies!

Victor is sharing the message that vaccines are vital to help us vanquish some diseases. Lastly, he wants you to join the “V” team by getting your appropriate vaccines.

Victor's History
In 2005, the coalition decided to use a stick figure in place of the letter “I” in MCIC as a logo and referred to it as Victor Vaccine. Little, stuffed dolls were created to represent Victor, and were used at Health Fairs and events when the MCIC information board was displayed.In 2009, the MCIC Steering Committee decided to create a full-sized mascot for the coalition. During the discussion phase for the mascot, it was decided that he should be a super hero character so as to be kid friendly and appealing to all ages.

Victor travels with a core unit of his “V”-team who assist him and answer any questions residents may have about vaccines.