Boards & Commissions

  1. Agricultural Land Preservation Board

    The Agricultural Land Preservation Board meets to prioritize farmland for preservation and to negotiate values with farm owners.

  2. Board of Health

    The Montgomery County Board of Health handles all health related issues that may arise in the county.

  3. Citizens Advisory Committee

    The Citizens Advisory Committee advises the executive director and county commissioners on child welfare program, personnel policy, as well as other matters.

  4. Commission on Women & Families

    The Commission on Women and Families serves to provide awareness of existing resources to women and families in the community.

  5. Drug & Alcohol Planning Council

    The Montgomery County Drug & Alcohol Planning Council serves in an Advisory capacity to the Montgomery County Drug & Alcohol Office and County Commissioners.

  6. Emergency Dispatch Radio Committee

    The Emergency Dispatch Radio Committee allows for users to provide input on their future needs from the Montgomery County radio system.

  7. Local Emergency Planning Committee

  8. Montgomery County Transportation Authority

    The Montgomery County Transportation Authority addresses transportation improvement issues, excluding mass transit.

  9. Open Space Board

    The Open Space Board reviews open space grant applications and makes recommendations to the county commissioners for open space acquisition and preservation.

  10. Parks, Trails & Historic Sites Advisory Board

  11. Planning Commission Board