Programs & Initiatives

  1. Montco 2040 Implementation Grant Program

    Explore this grant program, which is intended to assist municipalities in making targeted physical improvements that achieve real progress toward the goals of the county’s comprehensive plan.

  2. Stormwater Management & Flooding

    Find resources to manage stormwater and flooding.

  3. Community Planning Assistance Program

    Learn how to get technical planning assistance from the county.

  4. Farmland Preservation Program

    Read about how Montgomery County is attempting to preserve as much of the county's farmland as possible.

  5. Open Space Program

    Stay up-to-date with news about the program.

  6. MCPC Internship Program

    Use this information to apply for an internship with the county.

  7. Montgomery Awards Program

    Explore the best in planning and design in Montgomery County. This annual awards program acknowledges the high quality of work and commitment of communities, organizations, and professionals.

  8. Montgomery County Recycling Program

    Learn about recycling initiatives in Montgomery County and explore the county’s recycling guide and resources.

  9. Montco Local Food Initiative

    Learn how the county is trying to help farmers and food producers better connect with the local market while improving residents’ access to a variety of the freshest locally produced foods.