Supplying the County

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The County of Montgomery Purchasing Department supplies all county departments with goods and services at the lowest cost in accordance with the specification. We utilize state and cooperative purchasing contracts and serve as an information resource for departments, buying a wide range of products and services.

Montgomery County is a Pennsylvania subdivision governed by three commissioners under the Second Class County Code. Bidding procedures and practices are in accordance with the Second Class County Code and the Montgomery County Procurement Code which, except for certain exemptions, calls for purchases in excess of $19,700 to be on an advertised competitive basis.

Bidder Requirements

You may participate in the bid process if you:
  • Are a responsible vendor and in good financial standing.
  • Are able to meet delivery dates as required.
  • Are able to post a bid bond or certified check in the required amount.
  • Are able to post a performance bond and labor and material bond if required.
  • Have an adequate organization and personnel to carry out the requirements of a contract.
  • Can provide a completed Substitute W-9 Tax Duplicate Form  
  • Substitute Form W-9 Taxpayer Identification/Vendor Information