Homeless Management Information System (HMIS)

Formation of HMIS
In 2001, Congress directed Housing and Urband Development (HUD) to collect data and provide analysis on the extent of homelessness in the United States and the effectiveness of the McKinney Act Programs.

In response to this congressional directive, HUD has mandated Continuums of Care Affiliations establish workable and efficient Homeless Management Information Systems (HMIS) by October 2004.

Our HMIS-MetSYS Project is Montgomery County's response to the HUD and congressional directives. The Department of Housing and Community Development (MCHCD), in conjunction with MetSYS Inc., a computer software company located in Sacramento, California, administers the HMIS-MetSYS project in Montgomery County.

The MetSYS system utilizes Internet-based technology in order to assist homeless service providers and other service related agencies across Montgomery County in capturing information about the clients they serve.

The overall goals of the HMIS are to:
  • Enable service providers to measure the effectiveness of their interventions
  • Facilitate analysis within the Montgomery County Continuum of Care (CoC) in order to assess service needs and gaps within the system and in so doing inform public policy about the extent and nature of homelessness in Montgomery County
These goals are accomplished through the analysis and release of data that is grounded in the actual experiences of homeless persons and the service providers who assist them in shelters and other homeless assistance programs throughout the county.