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    Sheriff Sale Posters

    Sheriff's sale posters are available in the Sheriff's Office:
    Montgomery County Courthouse
    Swede & Airy Streets
    First Floor
    Norristown, PA 19404

    If you have additional questions, concerns or suggestions, please contact us by email or phone at 610-278-3850.

    Conditions of Sale

    The down money, as advertised, must be paid to the sheriff immediately after the property is knocked down to the highest bidder; otherwise the property may be immediately put up again for sale. A second bid accompanied by the required down money may be registered in writing with the sheriff immediately after the property is knocked down to the highest bidder. Down money must be paid in cash or by certified check except in the case of members of the Montgomery Bar whose personal or endorsed checks will be accepted.

    The balance of the purchase money, together with the cost of preparing the deed poll and such other costs as are by law imposed upon the purchaser, must be paid in cash or by certified check to the sheriff within 10 days of sale without any further demand. In default thereof the sheriff may settle with the second bidder who has made the required deposit, upon receipt of the highest sum bid and the aforesaid costs less both deposits already made, within 10 days after the first bidder's failure to settle. In case no second bid be registered or no settlement made, the property may be sold again at the risk of the defaulting bidder, and in case of any deficiency on such resale he shall make good the same to any person injured thereby even though the down money required to be paid at the later sale shall have been increased by any charge in the conditions of the sale.

    The deposit or down money paid by any bidder who fails to comply with the above conditions shall be forfeited and applied on the purchase by any second bidder or, if the property is resold, to cost or any liens or equitable claims thereon discharged thereby but not satisfied out of the proceeds thereof including the right of the real owner to have the highest bid first made realized.

    The sheriff shall not be liable for loss or damage to the premises sold resulting from any cause whatsoever, and makes no representation or warranty regarding the condition of the premises.

    If the sheriff's grantee is to be other than the record purchaser, a written assignment must be filed or such fact certified by the attorney on the writ when he is the purchaser.