Recording Requirements

State Requirements

Certain document standards are requested by all recorders who are members of the Pennsylvania Recorder of Deeds Association. The following is a list of requirements that will help reduce the number of documents returned:
  • Acknowledgment date cannot predate document date.
  • Acknowledgment should include the following: county, state, date, person or corporate officer's names and titles of persons appearing, notary signature, seal, and expiration date. acknowledgments  
  • Deeds and mortgages should indicate the property's municipality, county, and state.
  • Numerical amount must match written amount on deeds and mortgages.
  • Book and page numbers of mortgages must appear on all documents that refer back to this document.
  • Transfer taxes or statements of value must accompany all transfers unless exemption is clearly stated in the deed (e.g., family transfers). The Department of Revenue requires the statement of value form to be fully completed.
  • Multiple documents constituting one transaction must clearly indicate on each document the order of recording.
  • Deed with transfer tax in more than one municipality must stipulate division of transfer taxes.
  • Deeds and mortgages and assignments must have certified grantee / mortgagee address; certifications should be signed.
  • All checks must include the account holder's address.

Note: A stamped, self-addressed envelope of sufficient size to accommodate documents must be included with every recording or request.

Additional County Requirements

In addition to the above items Montgomery County requires:
  • A PIN (parcel identifier number) number must be on all documents. This is a 12-digit number in our county.
  • All documents must be registered by the Montgomery County Board of Assessments prior to being recorded. The Montgomery County Board of Assessments is located directly across the hall from the Montgomery County Recorder of Deeds Office on the third floor of One Montgomery Plaza.

Providing Deed to Municipality for Registration

Pre-Registration of Deeds was rescinded as of December 9, 2008; however, some boroughs and townships still require registration of deeds after recording. It is the submitter's responsibility to take the deed to the municipality to be registered after it is returned to them from the Recorder of Deeds Office.

The following is a list of the boroughs and townships that currently require registration.
Municipality Boroughs Parcel Number Prefix Phone Number Fee
Conshohocken 05 610-828-1092 $10
North Wales 14 215-699-4424 $10
Norristown 13 610-270-0420 $10
Royersford 18 610-948-3737 $10

Municipality Townships Parcel Number Prefix Phone Number Fee
Abington 30 215-884-5000 $10
East Norriton 33 610-275-2800 $5
Lower Merion 40 610-645-6140 $10
Plymouth 49 610-277-4100 $10
Springfield 52 215-836-7600 $10

The list and/or fee may have changed, so please contact the borough or township for their current regulation and fee.