General Disease Reporting

General Disease Reporting

The Montgomery County Health Department, through Communicable Disease Control and Prevention, assures three functions to protect the health of persons who live, work and play in Montgomery County: 

(1) Surveillance of all PA reportable diseases and conditions,

(2) Control and prevention of outbreaks and unusual situations, and

(3) Prevention education to reduce morbidity and mortality.

Currently, there are over 70 diseases and conditions that are deemed reportable to the health department as declared in the Montgomery County Public Health Code. By legal statute, identified public health partners (healthcare providers, laboratories, etc.) must report cases of certain diseases and conditions to the health department which serves as the local health authority.

Who is required to report notifiable diseases?

Reporting of notifiable diseases in the county is the responsibility of everyone, but in particular of health professionals, hospitals, emergency rooms and laboratories, school nurses and staff of childcare centers, or any person who has knowledge or suspicion of a reportable disease/condition. Reporting is done via telephone, fax, e-mail, regular mail or most commonly through PA-NEDSS (Pennsylvania’s version of the National Electronic Disease Surveillance System), which is a confidential web-based system that allows for timely reporting of these diseases and conditions.

Most reports received through PA-NEDSS are from hospital microbiology units and commercial laboratories. In case of confirmed or presumptive diagnosis of a disease/condition that requires public health action (i.e. chemoprophylaxis or other critical disease control measures), physicians and nurses should notify the health department as soon as possible.

See below for the MCHD General Disease Report Form which is an easy form that our public health partners (healthcare providers, school nurses, etc.) can use to report. This is a generic reporting form that will help capture the basic clinical information that is needed to initiate a disease investigation.

List of Reportable Diseases/Conditions

MCHD General Disease Report Form

National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System

Montgomery County Health Department can be contacted at 610-278-5117. For After Hours, Evenings, Weekends and Holidays, please contact Montgomery County Police Radio at (610) 275-1222 and ask to speak to the person on-call for the Health Department.