Wentz Events


2030 Shearer Road
Lansdale, PA 19446


Happening Now : monDAY-Friday, june 26th-30th from 9:30am-3:30pm
Colonial Camp 2017
Students entering 4th through 6th grade in fall 2017 will experience childhood activities and crafts of the colonial period. Pre-registration required; download the brochure here.
Fee: $175 per child. Includes a one-year family membership with the Peter Wentz Farmstead Society.

Saturday, july 8th AT 4:30PM
Kids for King or Congress
Program for kids ages 5-100 to learn about the activities that took place in Philadelphia during the summer of 1776 and the real facts behind the Declaration.

beginning  AT 5PM

Reading of the Declaration
Come huzzah with your fellow Americans as if it were 1776!  Listen to a stirring reading of the Declaration of Independence. 

MONDAY-FRIDAY, July 10th-14th FROM 9:30AM-1:30PM

Mitte Camp 2017
Students entering 1st through 3rd grade in fall 2017 will learn about life during the 1700s at this hands-on camp.  Pre-registration required; download the brochure here.
Fee: $125 per child.  Includes a one-year family membership with the Peter Wentz Farmstead Society.  

FULL! : MONDAY-FRIDAY, july 24th-28th FROM 9:30-11:30aM

Wentz Wonder Kids Camp 2017
Kids ages 4-5 years old will enjoy a half-day camp with hands-on activities related to the historic Farmstead.  Snacks provided.  Pre-registration required; download the brochure here.
If you would like to be placed on a waiting-list, please contact Mrs. Boice, Camp Director (610-584-5104  or  kboice@montcopa.org)
 Fee: $60 per child.

Sunday, august 13th at 2pm

Laerenswaert Series: Patriot Tails: Pets in Colonial America
Dogs, cats, & birds have won space in our hearts and homes through the ages.  Learn about these and the other types of animals kept by some of our forefathers.

SUNDAY, september 3rd AT 2PM
Muffin Man, King’s Horsemen & Old Women:  Fairytales, Nursery Rhymes, and Their Times
We have all heard and told them, but what do they mean? Why was there a darker side to them? Come and listen to the tales behind the tales.  
Some of the tales may not be suitable for younger children.

WEDNESDAY, october 4th AT 10AM & 1PM

Child's Play Series: Farm Day
Preschoolers will experience some of the work that people working on a farm did during the 1700s– sweeping, fetching water, cleaning, feeding the chickens and more.  
Pre-registration required.  
Ages: 3 & up and accompanied by an adult; fee: $5 per child.

Saturday, october 14th from 10am-3pm

Home & Headquarters: War Comes to Worcester
Learn how in October 1777 the Wentz family coped with General Washington and his staff using the house as a military headquarters during the busy harvest season.  Experience camp life of an officer & soldier, visit with General Washington, and assist with autumn farm activities throughout the day.  

THURSDAY, october 19TH AT 5:30PM

PWFS Annual Fall Meeting
What makes a good marriage? Washington’s own advice on love and marriage echoes through the words of our First Couple as they share the story of their courtship, former loves, the trials during the War for Independence, and the tribulations of the Presidency upon their 40-year marriage. 

Join the Peter Wentz Farmstead Society (PWFS), the friends group that helps support the Farmstead for a potluck supper followed by George and Martha Washington: “In Perfect Felicity,” a performance by Carol Spacht & John Lopes.  Program to be held at The Central Schwenkfelder Church. Call to RSVP (610-584-5104).

WEDNESDAY, november 1st  AT  10AM  &  1PM

Child's Play Series: Soldiers- Then & Now
Your child will enjoy learning about the lives of soldiers during the American Revolution before we write a thank you note to current service members.  
Pre-registration required.  Ages: 3 & up and accompanied by an adult; fee: $5 per child.  

FRIDAY, november 3rd- TOURS BEGIN AT 7:30PM

Night Life
What happened at the Wentz House after the sun went down? Come to explore night time in the 1700s and what it meant for residents of a home like the Wentz family’s. 
Tours offered at 7:30 / 7:50 / 8:10 / 8:30 / 8:50; Preregistration required. Ages: 12 & up.  

saturday, december 2nd from 3-9m

Candlelight Tours
The soft glow of candles will guide you throughout the Farmstead for tours showcasing colonial music, seasonal entertaining, and a visit from Belsnickel, a Pennsylvania German St. Nicholas in furs. (Last tour begins at 8:30pm)  

WEDNESDAY, deceMBER 6th  AT  10AM  &  1PM

Child's Play Series: Holidays
Preschoolers will learn about historic holiday traditions and make a craft to take home.    
Pre-registration required.  Ages: 3 & up and accompanied by an adult; fee: $5 per child.