New Titles in 2016

KFP 150 A75 A39
Advanced contract clauses : avoiding boilerplates : an in-depth focus on damages and remedies / PBI, 2015 (1/2016)

KF 8964 A74 O783
Orthopaedic treatments and technology : a day with the Rothman Institute / PBI, 2015 (1/2016)

KFP 140 A75 E877
Estate planning in Pennsylvania 's shale energy environment / PBI, 2015 (1/2016)

KFP 147 A75 C66
Coordinating client's POAs, advanced directives and wills & trusts / PBI, 2015 (1/2016)

KFP 106 A75 G833
Guardianship of incapacitated persons : how to navigate the long and winding road / PBI, 2015 (1/2016)

KF 3369.85 U53
Unfair labor practices for the non-union workplace / PBI, 2015 (1/2016)

KF 3608 A4 T73
Transitioning into Medicare / PBI, 2015 (1/2016)

KFP 535 B58
Pennsylvania motion practice / Steven E. Bizar. The Legal Intelligencer, 2015 (1/2016)

KFP 411.5 H64 C42
The changing landscape : issues beyond marriage to the GLBT Pennsylvanian / PBI, 2015 (1/2016)

KF 7709 B38
Basic veterans law / PBI, 2015 (1/2016)

KFP137.A75 A78 
The art of trust litigation : amending, challenging and modifying trusts in PA / PBI (2016)

Commercial Law/ Evoidence / Action and Defenses
KFP152.A75 C662
Commercial litigation update : what you need to know about Philadelphia and Eastern District practice / PBI (2016)

Insurance - Liability
KF 395 A2 A35
Restatement of the law : liability insurance / ALI (2016)

KF 395 A2 A35 
Principles of the law : election administration : non-precinct voting and resolution of ballot-counting disputes / ALI (2016)

Nonprofit Organizations
KF 395 A2 A35
Restatement of the law : charitable nonprofit organizations / ALI (2016)

Taxation - Pennsylvania
KFP 470 A75 P46
Pennsylvania tax law update / PBI (2016)

Computer Crimes/ Fraud
KF 9360 C65 E43
Embezzlement 101  / PBI (2016)

Legislation Drafting
KFP 421.5 B5 L44               
Legislative process in Pennsylvania / PBI (2016)

Commercial Leases
KFP 117.3 A75 U53           
Underdog : equalizing the terms of a commercial lease for small business owners / PBI (2016)

KF 2179.85 T72   
Transportation law update / PBI (2016)

Probate/ Orphan's Courts
KFP 144 A75 N49
New Pennsylvania orphan's court rules / PBI (2016)

Patent it yourself
KF 3114.6 P74
Your step-by-step guide to filing at the U.S. Patent Office/ NOLO (2016)

Trying a case in state court : from start to finish    
KFP 538 A75 T78 2016
Cover initial court filings, the discovery process, settlement negotiation, the pre-trial process, voir dire and jury selection, trial, and post-trial issues in one day./ PBI (2016)

Representing physicians and dentists  
KF 2907 G7 R27 2016 
This information-packed program will fill you in on the current issues facing physicians and dentists in this ever-changing world of healthcare./ PBI (2016)

Sheriff's sales in Pennsylvania   
KFP 471.9 F58 S55 2016
Attorneys who handle foreclosures, whether they represent sellers, buyers, banks or lenders must understand the myriad local rules and practices that apply to sheriff ’s sales to properly protect their client’s every step of the way and leave with a set of excellent materials that include forms, checklists and advice./ PBI (2016) 

Advanced piercing the corporate veil   
KFP 213.7 A75 P541 2016
Learn how veil piercing can be effectively employed to reach a deep pocket and impose liability or collect a judgment/ PBI (2016)

A family of laws for the family lawyer   
KFP 94 A65 F35 2016
Practice pointers from seasoned practitioners/ PBI (2016)

Pennsylvania family law discovery forms   
KFP 94 A65 P4
This new, eleventh edition includes a new chapter on discovery related to commingled assets, updates to the standard and follow-up interrogatories, updates to the forms related to discovery of electronically stored information and the forensic examination of computers, and the current Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure relating to discovery./ PBI (2016) 

Appellate advocacy in state courts   
New item shelf
Know what appellate court procedures are available to you and how to use them to your advantage/ PBI (2016)

Advanced cybersecurity law   
New item shelf
Delve into the details of how best to protect your client’s confidential information in commercial contracts, during merger & acquisition transactions, and other business dealings/ PBI (2016)

CLE for the busy lawyer   
New item shelf
Finding it difficult to keep up? We know you feel daily pressure to stay on the cutting edge of your practice (and up to date on your CLE requirement.) This program is designed to keep you current and competitive (and compliant!) —without interrupting your busy schedule./ PBI (2016)

Alzheimer's disease and other dementias   
New item shelf
Diagnosis, Research and Estate Planning Issues/ PBI (2016)

Fair Debt Collection : FDCPA, TCPA and beyond   
New item shelf 
Despite the explicit language of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), a surprising number of predatory lenders, collection agencies, and other abusive proxies continue to violate the FDCPA./ PBI (2016)

Cross examination in commercial litigation   
New item shelf
The art of proper organization and phrasing of a cross examination/ PBI (2016)

Hot topics in wage and hour law   
New item shelf
Update yourself on the latest developments, tactics, and strategies in wage and hour practice/ PBI (2016)

Corporate compliance and ethics series 
New item shelf 
From developing a code of conduct, policies and procedures, training and communication to conducting internal investigations and risk assessments, this seminar analyzes the necessary components involved in designing an effective compliance program./ PBI (2016)

A new reality : Pennsylvania's medical marijuana act   
New item shelf
Understand the regulatory system surrounding the growing, processing and distributing of medical marijuana in Pennsylvania/ PBI (2016)

Representing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered clients in Pennsylvania  
New item shelf
While the law governing representation of LGBT citizens has seen profound change in the area of marriage equality, uncertainties and inequalities remain, particularly in the areas of parentage of children born to same-sex couples as well as employment discrimination and employee benefits/ PBI (2016)