5210 Let's Go!


Our goal is to help your family live a long life by maintaining a healthy weight through good nutrition and regular physical activity. Healthy eating and physical habits don’t change overnight. It takes time and effort to make them part of everyday life.

This webpage serves as a tool for you and your family to set goals and achieve them together. Use the resources available to get every member involved!

Let's Get It Started
Take The Healthy Habits Survey. Based on your answers to the survey, is there one thing you would be interested in changing now? Remember the key to success is to keep it simple and easy for the whole family to achieve.

Click on the color coded symbols for links to guidance and additional resources to get started.

5-apple                         2-tv                    1 in sneaker_thumb.jpg          0Can
5 Fruits and Vegetables           2 Hours of Screen Time         1 Hour of Physical Activity          0 Sugary Drinks

Additional Resources 
For Kids
Local Resources
Download or print a complete 5-2-1-0 Toolkit.
For additional information please contact:
Montgomery County Health Department
Division of Health Promotion
Phone: 610-278-5117
Email: publichealth@montcopa.org