Samuel W. Pennypacker 1843 - 1916
His Lasting Legacy

Exhibit open through January 31, 2017 

Imagine Pennsylvania without historic sites such as Valley Forge, few saved historic documents, and mountains clear cut of all trees.  Samuel W. Pennypacker devoted much of his life to history as an author, historian, and collector of antiques. As governor, he had the foresight to preserve natural resources and pass progressive legislation which helped shaped Pennsylvania throughout the 20th century.  This exhibit highlights how his legacy still endures today, 100 years later.

Ever wonder why a building is named for a certain individual or what that individual did for that honor?  Samuel W. Pennypacker’s name appears on an Elementary School in Philadelphia, a dormitory at Penn State University, a monument for Fallen Officers of the City of Scranton, an historic marker at Pennypacker Mills, an historic marker at the State Capitol in Harrisburg, an historic marker for creating the State Police in Hershey, the Pennsylvania Monument at Gettysburg and the sculptor used his likeness for a monument for the 26th Pennsylvania Emergency Regiment that Pennypacker served in.  There are also historic markers that reference his work for creating the State Archives at Harrisburg and the Forest Academy at Mont Alto.

The exhibit explores what he did to earn these honors and how things he did affect us today.  The exhibit will show off some of the unique items that he collected such as a piece of the step where the first Union officer was killed during the Civil War and autographs of well-known individuals such as Charles Darwin.  

The exhibit is included on all FREE guided tours, or you can request to see only the exhibit.  The exhibit galleries are located on the second floor of the mansion.