Youth/Transition Age

Anyone over age 18 may receive adult-oriented services in Montgomery County. However, the period between aging-out of the school system and entering adulthood can be challenging, and may require a more unique and targeted set of services for people with mental health challenges.

The following list of services is available to all transition-age youth; the specific age ranges for each program can be found below. Anyone interested in these programs should contact either their local case management office or the program itself for more information.

Transitional Case Management
(610) 272-3042
Transitional case management serves young adults (ages of 16 to 23) with mental health needs who are transitioning out of children's services. It provides individualized support to young adults as they transition into adulthood and empowers them to seek needed support and services.

HOPE Academy
(267) 477-1070
The HOPE Academy program assists young adults (ages 18 to 30) with serious and persistent mental illness and/or co-occurring substance abuse disorders. This objective is met through a five-phase curriculum-based approach in which participants set and achieve personal goals in their living, learning, working and social environments.

Trail Guides
(610) 292-9922
Trail Guides is a peer mentoring program for young adults (ages 18 to 26) with a severe mental health diagnosis residing in Montgomery County. The program helps young people choose paths that lead to productive lives and avoid more serious behavioral challenges.

(610) 527-3411
YALE (Young Adult Learning Environment) is a full care community rehabilitation residence (CRR) providing 24/7 support to assist young adults (ages 18-22) in gaining the independent living skills necessary to move into adulthood.

Student Assistance Program
This program identifies students who are at high risk due to problems with, drug or alcohol use, depression, or other mental health problems.

School staff members are trained to identify these students, and may refer them to community services. These services are available in most school districts in the county. You may use this service by contacting one of the following:
  • The program coordinator through the local case management office, or
  • The program liaison in your child’s school.
Teen Talk Line
(866) 825-5856, or text (215) 703-8411
This is a “warm” line for youth to talk about things with someone their own age. There are no topics that are off limits, and all calls are private. The warm line is there so youth never feel alone, and so that there is always someone ready to listen. If the caller is experiencing a crisis, they will be connected to the Crisis Hotline for assistance.

Magellan Youth Leaders Inspiring Future Empowerment (MY LIFE) is a youth leadership group made up of youth between ages 13-23, who have experience with mental health challenges, substance abuse, juvenile justice, or foster care.

Founded in Arizona in 2008, MY LIFE focuses on important issues affecting youth through regular meetings, special events, presentations, and performances.

MY LIFE gives youth the chance to become leaders in their communities. For more information, please visit or Magellan of PA.

Services are also available for: